Sunday, December 2, 2012

All 34 glitter candles was the year we wed

2009. All 34 glitter candles. That was the year I married him. Freshly separated from my former spouse. who wasn't LDS. I had 3 children, a super easy and peaceful divorce after 15 years of marriage...and then, I married HIM. The sex addict.

 Who knew? I didn't. He didn't tell me. But he did. I just didn't know the clues. I was too caught up in him, and being free. FREEEEEEEEEE. What was I thinking? Clearly at the time, I was half insane myself. After only 5 months of dating, we wed.

 I look at these glitter candles on this delightfully cute little pink cake from one of my best girlfriends at the time (she dropped off the map after WE married), and realize the horror was just beginning.

As my friend, Mrs. Scabs (I've been reading her every word for a month now, so she's my friend and she doesn't even know it yet) addiction is NO fun. It really sucks, quite literally. So, here I am. Writing my own blog of pain, healing, something...I'm still in the pain filled part. I just found out about 3 months ago that he was on a 6 month long porn binge.

Our second son is 3 months old. It hurts. Bad. So, here I am thinking... sex addiction really sucks.


  1. :-) If only you knew you've saved my sanity over the past month sista! Im FOREVER grateful for your blog.